Fast & Pain Free
A gentle, client-centred process that resolves your emotional issues in just 2 x 1 hour sessions
Personalised & Thorough
We take into account your specific issues, life experience, culture, beliefs and identity when delivering your personalised process
Immediate & Long-lasting Results
Experience lasting change you can feel real-time and once resolved, your specific issues are resolved for good

Is grief or loss standing in your way?

Do you struggle with:

  • Pain and grief from losing a loved one
  • Letting go of an ex partner and/or moving forward in your love life
  • Overwhelming feelings of guilt, anger or regret
  • Sadness that interferes with living your life to its fullest
  • Trauma or any other type of loss, grief or emotional issue

    If so.. we can help.
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Grieving Woman

We get it – grief and loss can be painful and overwhelming

Let's face it - at times, people struggle with the effects of grief, bereavement and loss. Often accompanied by anger and frustration, the emotional pain and psychological effects end up interfering with living your life. These effects can be exhausting and leave people feeling prolonged sadness, emptiness and feeling drained.

We know firsthand that even the smallest of losses can have a tremendous effect - you’re not broken and there’s nothing wrong with you. You just need some help to heal and resolve your grief and loss, and get back on a more positive and productive path. You are not alone in your struggles.

We have made it our life’s work to help others with their pain and the result is The Grief Resolution Process™

“Pain in life is inevitable, but suffering is optional”
- Louie Rossi (Creator of The Grief Resolution Process™)

You deserve cost-effective and results-driven therapy with a commitment to helping you achieve a quick and pain-free resolution to your issues

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Success Stories

Grief & Loss Therapy has served our clients’ emotional needs across a variety of different emotional issues.

Traditional therapy is focused on the symptoms and not the root cause; how our brain produces prolonged emotive responses to painful and negative life events.

Take advantage of cutting-edge therapeutic treatments.

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“Louie guided me to process and heal after the death of my mother. I was extremely close to her so losing her was the worst thing I had experienced in my life. I felt that I was never going to be able to heal from this pain as it was so overwhelming. I went from being sad and unable to cope with my work and family commitments, to thriving in 2 sessions as promised. I'm so happy with my decision to get help with my grief. Louie is an amazing and understanding therapist. I can’t thank him enough! ”

– Nicole, 44

“I was dumped by my ex-boyfriend out of nowhere - it was very rough on me mentally and emotionally. After some months, I was still struggling and was heartbroken. I googled advice on how to heal from it but none of it seemed to work for me so I looked for help with it. I'm absolutely blown away, your process is so powerful! I never thought the pain of my breakup could dissolve so quickly. I'm able to look back now and cherish the good times and it’s freed me up to start dating again. I can’t wait to see what the future holds, thank you again!”

– Mary, 28

Here’s How Grief Therapy Will Help You With Your Issues

1. Book your FREE Consultation

Contact us and we will arrange a suitable time for your free consultation and assessment. We get to know you and your circumstances as you get to know us. The aim is to understand your needs, goals, and if we are the right fit for you.

2. Book in your sessions

Once your therapy roadmap has been worked out, you fill out the intake form and we book times that are convenient for you.

3. Heal and Thrive!

You are guided through your personalised Grief Resolution Process through to resolution, freeing you from what weighs you down and allowing you to live again!

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The Grief Resolution Process™

Over 95% of our clients have experienced a complete resolution to their grief or loss within 2 sessions through our advanced therapeutic processes.

An elegantly simple, yet comprehensive, rapid-change-based grief resolution process that frees you to smile again. TGRP™ is a dynamic, rich and sequenced series of steps based on your unique set of circumstances, which, if separated would not be anywhere near as powerful. It focuses on healing and change - allowing space for your needs to be met.

It is truly eclectic therapy. It has a structure based on years of research and testing prior to it being offered to the public. It’s dynamic in its application as each session and process used are tailored to exactly what you are going through and want to achieve. It includes components of New Code & Traditional NLP, Mindfulness, EMDR, Timeline, Schema Therapy, and many others - everything is pulled in to create a holistic, non-diagnostic therapy session that is perfect for you at this time.

The process can be delivered in person in Sydney, Australia and online via Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp.

Let's chat so you can make an informed decision and see if this revolutionary process is right for you.