Our Mission / Values

For almost 10 years the team has served the emotional and psychological needs of people in emotional distress and trauma of all types. The team provides professional and specialised therapeutic and rapid-change services for families, couples, individuals, and organisations. Located in Sydney, Australia, the team offers a warm and safe atmosphere that allows for the expression and resolution of the effects and emotions associated with grief, loss, and trauma both in-person and online.

Our Mission

To deliver highly specialised rapid-change processes and strategies that improve the lives of people impacted by grief, loss, and trauma.

Guiding Principles of our Mission

  • Grief is a natural, whole mind and body response to a loss.
  • Grief is a natural reaction that influences emotional, mental, physical, and behavioural health, as well as fundamental systems of belief.
  • Grief, loss, and trauma’s associated effects need not last forever. It involves a resolution and dissolving the impacts of grief, loss, and trauma while cultivating restorative investments in life.

Regardless of age, ability, or circumstance in life, people are universally confronted with matters of death and dying, loss, grief, trauma, and emotional wounding.

Loss touches and affects us all, yet one’s experience and reactions within grief’s process are intricate and truly unique.

While grief and traumatic reactions vary greatly between individuals and across family, cultural, or structural systems, all people search for connection, comfort, and the ending of suffering.

Grief can be isolating and challenging to endure even under the best of conditions.

An individual’s ability to cope with grief is influenced by many factors, including the circumstances of loss and the quality of available support within oneself and one’s network.

Some individuals face added struggles in life or traumatic features of loss that have the potential to complicate and prolong their healing.

Distressing aspects of grief can be countered by highly specialised therapeutic processes, in addition to connection through peer support.

In any circumstance, specialised therapeutic rapid-change processes can significantly help restore stability, balance, and a sense of confidence in one’s capacity to live a positive life.

Under the care and therapeutic guidance of specialised professionals, individuals are better able to resolve the effect of grief, loss, and trauma while focusing efforts toward holistic wellness.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which all people are able to access fast and effective therapeutic treatments that can help them enhance their emotional and mental health, thus ensuring healthier individuals, families, and societies.

“It is my perpetual hope for the future that we can finally put an end to needless suffering by changing the therapeutic models used to treat people in need and by creating awareness of, appreciation for, highly-specialised rapid-change mental and emotional well-being tools.”
— Louie Rossi, Founder/Owner/CEO

Our Values - What drives us.

Our values are the guiding force for all we do and motivate our every decision. We’re committed to embodying them as a team and most importantly, with you.

Act With Integrity

Acting with integrity means operating in an honest, reliable, and authentic way both professionally and in our personal lives. This means when faced with difficult decisions, we choose to do the right thing. At Grief Therapy, we strive to maintain complete transparency with our fees, procedures, and policies. We believe that integrity is the backbone of trust amongst each other and with our clients.

Be Empathetic

We find strength in vulnerability and we care about others - always striving to meet them where they are. We broach our work with a desire to understand and help our clients gain insight into who they are and why they are suffering. We do not see our clients as problems to be solved or broken in any way — rather people living out dynamic and important lives. We see beyond diagnoses and symptom management and are genuinely interested in getting to know our clients and the perspectives from which they approach life.

Practice Realistic Optimism

We all face challenges, difficulties, and suffering in our lives. In fact, no one is exempt from having a bad day, let alone facing the challenges that come with grief, loss, and trauma, yet we have the power to remain optimistic. Unexpected problems and challenges can either inflict suffering - or be viewed as opportunities to learn, grow, and heal from. At Grief Therapy, we believe in realistic optimism. It’s about seeking help in tough times and being hopeful and confident about the future.

Keep growing

We’re here to discover what we’re made of—personally and professionally. We own our mistakes and learn from them. We challenge ourselves to shift the habitual patterns of needless suffering that keep us from our potential. We celebrate our wins and never get complacent. We look inside for ways to be better and to improve our offering - to step outside our comfort zone and to create results today more extraordinary than we could've yesterday.

Don’t meet expectations - Surpass them

We don’t feel comfortable just doing what’s expected of us. We want to do more - to raise the bar, to inspire, to elevate what’s possible. So instead of reacting to expectations, we strive to understand the needs, goals, and motivations behind them. We discover and provide the best solutions, rather than allowing expectations to dictate the paths we take.

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