Grief & Loss Therapy

“I sadly lost my Dad recently and when you lose someone, you don’t know where to turn to. My friends and family were there for me, but it wasn’t enough. Luckily a friend of mine knew Louie personally, so she referred me to see him. I would say that I wasn’t really ready to deal with my loss for approx. 3 months after his passing, I cannot recommend this service enough! I will be forever grateful to Louie and his team at Grief Therapy. Louie is so easy to talk to and he is a bit of a magician in my eyes. As they offer, my grief was resolved within 2 sessions and now I hold my Dad in my heart with a fondness that I never knew was possible once someone so close to me had died while not being so overwhelmed that it takes over my life. I don’t know where I’d be now if I didn’t go through this miraculous process. Thank you again!.”

- Belinda, 46

“I had been to see a Psychologist quite a few times in the past for various issues and I wasn’t very impressed with how long it would take to feel like I’m getting somewhere with it. So when Mum died, I looked for something different and fast as I didn’t want to continually see someone and talk about what was going on for me without really getting anywhere. I’m glad I found Grief & Loss Therapy and its process - the sessions were unlike anything I have experienced with traditional therapy. I could feel the changes as they were happening and I can’t dig up the pain again, even if I wanted to! Overall I couldn’t be happier and it was worth every cent. I know who I will be turning to if I have any other issues in my life, grief related or otherwise.”

- Chris, 51

“I don’t normally testimonials, however, the transformation Louie made in my personal life was so life-changing I feel the need to share it with others. Before my sessions with Louie, my life was at rock bottom as my marriage of 12 years ended. I felt lost. I felt helpless. I felt desperate. I had been to many psychologists and counselors over the years but always felt like I was just going back every month for appointments with no real change. It was so frustrating - I didn’t want to live with the pain. The sessions have been the biggest blessing of my life. His specialised unorthodox approach is exactly what I needed. It was what I was searching for—actual resolution and healing. Now, I feel like a weight has been removed from my shoulders. The past hurts are always going to be a part of who you are, as they are what shape you, however, my past no longer controls and dominates my mind and my life. If you are sitting on the fence about going ahead with resolving your issues, I strongly suggest you give it a try. It may be the best thing you ever do because for me, it has been life-changing.

- Anna, 38

“Louie guided me to process and heal after the death of my mother. I was extremely close to her so losing her was the worst thing I had experienced in my life. I felt that I was never going to be able to heal from this pain as it was so overwhelming. I went from being sad and unable to cope with my work and family commitments, to thriving in 2 sessions as promised. I'm so happy with my decision to get help with my grief. Louie is an amazing and understanding therapist. I can’t thank him enough!”

– Nicole, 44

“I was dumped by my ex-fiance out of nowhere - it was very rough on me mentally and emotionally as I thought we would be together forever. After some months, I was still struggling and was heartbroken. I googled advice on how to heal from it but none of it seemed to work for me so I looked for help with it. I'm absolutely blown away, your process is so powerful! I never thought the pain of my breakup could dissolve so quickly. I'm able to look back now and cherish the good times and it’s freed me up to start dating again. I can’t wait to see what the future holds, thank you again! ”

– Mary, 28


Trauma Therapy

“My biggest challenge was that I didn’t believe that anything would work considering I had so much trauma, It seemed so out of reach to lead a trauma-free life that I actually didn’t believe that anything would work. Initially, I thought if it sounded to good to be true it probably was, but, I knew I had to try something. My issues and past trauma made me feel trapped and all up in my head. I had not much hope left. I was heavy in my head, heavy in my heart and I was constantly physically sick.

The big day came and I was nervous, scared, and excited, my session was long and to be honest, it has been the best thing I have ever done in my life, 

I now lead a trauma-free, exciting life and I’m actually physically healing, Louie is my angel - when I had absolutely no faith in men he restores my life, my faith and my beliefs in just one afternoon. I trust this man and for me to say this is unbelievable, he is an absolute blessing. The whole time I was there I felt safe cause he had me in his wings, I was safe, secure, and extremely vulnerable and he just held me in complete safety. He understood me better than I understood myself.

I do not emotionally eat anymore and I have lost a dress size, After suffering from domestic violence for 15 years I can actually have someone be physically intimate with me without fear. I’m setting boundaries I never knew I could and I choose how I live my life, Louie has given me the tools to get over any trauma and anything that comes my way. I absolutely adore him and I think he is an angel. The negativity has lifted from me and I’m a free woman.

The only person you are going to lose is the traumatised self what you are gaining is your true strong self JUST DO IT and live your life the right way. After what I experienced, I honestly believe what Louie has developed is fail-proof and I believe in his work. I happily recommend him to anyone willing and wanting to heal and lead an amazing life.”

- Melinda, 33

“My world was blocked by so much baggage from my horrible past. I had a partner that abused me for many years in every way—physically, mentally but also sexually to the point that I had severe fears of being truly open sexually with any new partner. Initially, via a referral from a mutual friend, I reached out to Louie and his team and chatted with him about what was going on for me. I asked him some questions about what he did. He was very helpful and I went through a therapy session with him. He changed my life in ways that surpassed my expectations. As promised, he cleared all the baggage within a couple of sessions. It's given me the chance to be totally open sexually with my new partner. The healing and changes I went through are more than just now being able to be sexually open with my partner though, it was also about having a life instead of being locked up inside my home. My life has improved in every way and I cannot thank him enough for what he did for me. I strongly encourage anyone that reads this and needs help in any way, to reach out. I found help in the ways my psychologists couldn’t—but I desperately needed.”

- Angela, 37